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Business owner can view the paid reach, clicks, video views in their facebook page insights.

Before allocating the budget, you should know that lower the budget, lower would be the target. Hence, the minimum budget we recommend you can use for a day is $5 that too for 4 days campaign. Since the Ads often improve their results over few days, you need to let the ad get some traction.

Yes, Facebook Marketing is one of the most flexible advertising platform where we can target specific audience or place.

If done correctly, it is one of the most cost effective internet marketing platform where we can target and re-target the audience and generate leads.

Facebook Marketing in Nepal

The use of the internet over the past few years has changed the way of marketing a brand and its product. Every large to the small business organization around the world is now available on Facebook to engage its customers by conducting different ad campaigns and increasing customer-brand interaction. Facebook Marketing Service in Nepal has been a powerful platform to advertise their brands, products & services for every level of business.

Here at SEO Agency Nepal (SeoAN), we work in the most cost-effective way to help businesses connect with maximum customers in a short period of time. Since a well-maintained and updated Facebook page with positive reviews is likely to grab the audience’s eyes, we plan and execute the unique, engaging content for our clients keeping posted with the current business scenario.

Is Facebook Marketing Really Worth IT?

88% of online users of age 18-29 are on Facebook, 84% of those 30-49. Over the years, the use of Facebook has increased tremendously, apart from using Facebook to get connected with friends and relatives, people have started using it for business progress. Data shows that 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly, making 7 million advertisers on Facebook.

Since the Facebook marketing, is the Cheapest and fastest form of advertising in today’s age, get in touch with us if you are ready to grab the attention of your customer through Facebook marketing.

How do we work?

Setting & Managing Facebook account

Starting with setting up your Facebook page, we will add every detail of your business including your brand type, opening hours, cover design, optimized contents and your services.

Monitoring Campaigns

To know if the running campaigns are performing as planned, the social media team analyzes the engagements, lead generation, page likes & new followers based on the targeted audience & take necessary actions thereby.

Running Ads Campaign

We help you get online audiences and customers by conducting different engagement campaigns, posting informative content, directly helping your possible online customer to interact with you and your brand.

Leads Generation​

Reaching out the target customers to fill out the lead form. Facebook give options for pre fill forms & custom forms which we can manage as per our targeting to collect customers data.​

Increase Brand Awareness

The way the appealing content and picture of your product and service interact with the customer determines how seriously people take your business. Hence, we try our best to make every content engaging and readable.

Remarketing Campaigns​

Based on the results of numbers of Facebook ads through its engagement, we choose the best performing ads and modify it for other ads. The engagement on any ads can vary from its content to the targeted groups.​

Facebook Marketing Plan & Pricing

Our Facebook Marketing Package in Nepal to promote your Brand & Businesses. We also arrange just “Boost Only Package” to help you around with every aspect.







What's your Facebook Advertising objectives?

brandexposure icon

Brand Exposure

lead icon

Generate Leads

conversation icon


engagement icon

Engage People with Posts

website traffic icon

Website Traffic

Video Icon

Video Views

app icon

App Installs

message icon

Get people to Message you

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