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It is an approach to increase the visibility of the company in the search engine page through paid advertisement. It may incorporate SEO, Content writing and Pay per click.

SEM is one of the most effective marketing channels to generate web traffic. Generating the immediate results than that of SEO, SEM is fastest way to get on the top of the search engine page which allow you to generate more traffic.

SEO is the organic way to increase the traffic to the company’s website. Whereas SEM includes paid advertisement of the company

Yes, we track each campaign and provide genuine repots on traffic, clicks & sales generate.

Starting with your Bidding amount that you will pay for someone to click on your ad to choosing your targeted keywords is what costs you more in a PPC ad campaign. Although you can pay less than your bid amount, but targeting a competitive keywords will directly cost you more. Apart from the biding amount and targeted keywords, the use of lower quality ads will cost you more in comparison to the high quality ads.

Search Engine Marketing in Nepal

Contrasting with search engine optimization, Search engine marketing is one of the effective ways to promote any business type by using paid advertisements that appear on the search engine result page. we offer you cost-effective Social engine marketing strategies utilizing the most appropriate keywords.

The major benefits of social engine marketing:

Why to Choose SeoAn for your PPC Campaign Management?

Delivery the Ads to Right People, On Right Time and On Right Budget

With the increase in the numbers of SEM marketing company, there has been a great evolution in the Paid Online Marketing to help businesses turnover within a short period of time. But the real question is do all these company guarantee positive ROI and generate new customers from the campaigns?

Established by the professionals of different sectors, SeoAN has been providing guaranteed results on ROI with progressive measureable data’s by utilizing strategic PPC campaign management.

Starting with the keyword research, our PPC experts will target the channels for running the ads and continue the campaign by monitoring the impression and analyzing the competition based upon the creative ads and targeted keywords of the competitors. As the final picture or the result of the ads comes, the experts will optimize the campaigns and follow the strategy with regular experiments until and unless the result is positive. Working in the most cost-effective way, our experienced team will help you draw more traffic into your sales funnel.

What Types of Google Ads Campaign Services is best for your business?

Search Ads

Utilizing the Search Ads for your business means increasing your visibility and enabling your business to appear on the first page of the search engine just with the use of your selected keywords.

Display Ads

Google Display Network is a network of websites that allows text-based ads or image ads that are displayed in Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Mobile Apps every time the relevant keyword is searched.

Shopping Ads

Google Display Network is a network of websites that allows text-based ads or image ads that are displayed in Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Mobile Apps every time the relevant keyword is searched.

Video Ads

The video ads are displayed in YouTube where the ads are added with an option to skip within a few seconds in the beginning, in between or at the end of any videos. The ads can be of shopping campaigns or even the mobile app installations.

Universal Ads

Adjusting the individual pages to help search engines know what the content is about which makes Google & Bing to crawl faster to show it in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Get Higher ROI & Convertable Leads through Our

Pay Per Click Advertisements Service

Keywords Research

Understanding the keywords means understanding the type of business, its targeted customers and the goal of the company. We work with you from the scratch and know your business better to plan keywords that will perform better during the advertising. The SEM experts at Traverse uses different keyword tools like Uber suggest and Google ads to manage a list of useful keywords that will bring positive ROI and avoid negative keywords that are harmful to your business.

Running & Managing Ad Campaign

Ad campaigns are usually focused on sales increment and greater ROI conversion. For running an effective ad campaign we are focused on making the ads creative, informative, enabling proper landing page that has call to action services to generate leads. The types of ads we run vary between Display ads, in-text ads, PLA ads that are selected according to the needs of the business.

Track & Remarketing

Remarketing is the process of targeting customers who have already visited your site and shown interest in your products. The most common form of remarketing used by Traverse includes displaying the ads of your website or products for people who have already visited your site to keep them engaging with your products. For the remarketing we use email remarketing, search retargeting and video remarketing after tracking the results of the PPC campaigns.