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Many of us might think SEO is an enigma and isn’t very useful for their organization. But what they missed to know is that SEO helps them to get on the first rank of Google. The use of SEO has increased over the year to increase the online visibility of the company. Utilization of Local SEO has been useful for all brand types to maintain their online presence, attracting the local traffic into the website. The increased organic traffic on the website amplifies the profit of the company without any other trouble.

The average time taken by a website to rank in Google ranges from 3 to 6 months depending upon the competitiveness and use of popular Keywords. The factors influencing your online presence include SEO, Domain age, Keyword competition, Content quality, and clean domain.

There are numbers of factors determining your online presence, among them the OnPage and OffPage SEO are two different influencing terms. OnPage SEO includes factors like keywords, Meta description, Title Tag, URL structure, Internal linking. Whereas the Off-page SEO comprises of Backlinks, Domain Authority and Social promotion

A BIG NO, plagiarized or copied contents provide no value to customers. Search Engines hate it. Period.

Best SEO Service providers in Nepal

If getting on Google’s first page was an easy task, everyone would have topped the list. Getting ranked on Google is based on a number of elements of which Search engine optimization is the most important one. Commonly known as SEO, it is an approach to get organic, unpaid traffic from the search engine result page, increasing the visibility of your website on search engines.

SEO Freelance In Kathmandu & Lalitpur & Bhaktpaur

Get Found on GOOGLE, Generate Traffic & Increase Sales

Whether you are a service oriented company or product oriented company, if your website is not showing up on First Page of Search Engine, you are missing out majority of targeted traffic and sales. That’s why SeoAN’s team with provide you with fruitful SEO consulting, planning, suggestion & implementing the best possible solutions to rank your business online. We have successfully helped customers rank their business for both National and International Markets.

With over 7 Years of Experience in internet marketing, we certainly know the pin-points to where exactly-your website need support.  With the use of various tools, techniques and analysis we grantee to deliver you quantitative results.


Who can be benefit from our SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization Process

Our SEO Steps includes not just diving right into SEO works but analyzing & understanding of your business first and implementing the strategies which will be added value for SEO..

Website Audit

Understanding your marketing goal, we help in finding the right keyword relevant for your business to drive more organic quality traffic. Using the combination of user intent Short Tail & Long Tail Keywords.

Technical SEO

Understanding your website as a whole & checking for technical lacking & code for improvements to your website crawalable, indexable, mobile responsible & Speed optimization.

Competitor Analysis

Checking the online reputation & strategies of your competitor’s website over the internet. Extracting the competitors Positive / Negative Reports and creating strategically plan implementation to your websites.

Monthly Reporting

The monthly reports at the end of the month will help you to compare the results of before and after of the running campaign. You can also analyze keywords ranking and conversion ranking of your site.

Content Writing

The in-house Content Writing can optimize your existing copy to extend relevancy and improve your rankings. Starting with optimizing your website content we facilitate to boost your site's performance, providing better user experience.


Adjusting the individual pages to help search engines know what the content is about which makes Google & Bing to crawl faster to show it in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Best SEO Packages in Nepal

Keeping our valued customers business & budget in mind we have categorized different SEO Plans & Affordable SEO Packages in Kathmandu to make sure our client’s every business in the internet get a chance to be visible in the search engines like Goolge, Bing/Yahoo, Yandex.

Basic SEO Package

SEO Setup Focused

12000 /NRs

Standard SEO PackagePopular

SERP Focused


Premium SEO Package

With Omni channel Approach


Customized Local SEO for Small Businesses

With the evolution of Digital Marketing over the years, SEO has become the most trusted way to reach your potential customers by improving a website’s overall searchability and visibility. Here at SeoAN, we help small businesses to :

Increase Conversion Rates:

Since the local SEO aims at optimizing your digital presence, people searching for your business can find you easily and quickly, converting your online searcher into your real customers.

Build Brand Awareness:

Getting a higher ranking on the SERPs is the most inexpensive way of building a brand.

Better User Experience:

Quality SEO enables faster, smoother, and a user-friendly website providing positive user experience.

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Local Seo

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WordPress Seo

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White Hat Seo

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Back Links

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