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Content Writing Tips with SEO Optimizations

Businesses today have evolved from monotonous traditional marketing to informative digital marketing, changing the way of branding any company from national to an international level. Nevertheless, have you ever took a moment to understand the transition of marketing strategies over the year? If you have, then you know what I am going to add afterward. Without further ado, let us dig into the Content Writing strategies and Tips for 2021 – 2022.

What is Digital Marketing?

Starting from the social media that we use to search engines we surf, what we do is buy things and read content available on the first page of the search engine page without bothering to get on the second page, and that is a perfect example of efficient digital marketing. But do you think, getting a top rank on Google search engine is only digital marketing? Not exactly, huh? Digital Marketing is a broader term that encompasses all of the marketing efforts that uses digital channel from social media and search engine to mobile and web application, where the digital marketer uses different strategies to create, communicate and deliver offering to their customers.

What is Content Marketing?

Among different strategies used by digital marketers, content marketing is one of the significant marketing approaches focused on creating and distributing valuable, informative content to attract potential customers into the business. Did this explanation light your bulb on content marketing? I hope it did. Today there are different content marketing service providers established to provide content marketing services to help their clients stand in the crowd of businesses over your head. But what are the main component of great content? Will having great content without SEO will help you to drive the organic traffic on the search engine page? Not really I guess, now you might be wondering why SEO for content marketing?

SEO and Content Marketing

To my dear wondering folks let me tell you that SEO and content marketing cling together to make well-driven content successful by utilizing different SEO strategies. But that does not mean they are the same term, SEO is a child that demands and states the requirement whereas Content is a parent that fulfills the requirements of the child, SEO. Describing the relationship between SEO and Content marketing, given are some of the points you will like to know:

  • SEO states the requirements. Content marketing fulfills them
  • SEO demands content. Content marketing is content
  • SEO demands keywords. Content marketing means using keywords
  • SEO demands linkbacks. Content marketing introduces linkbacks
  • SEO demands onsite technical optimization. Content marketing needs great UX

Don’t you think their relationship looks exactly like what we said in our childhood, as close to nails and muscles? But how can you enhance this relationship and grow your business in a shorter time?


Below are some of the SEO content marketing tips you will need to change your business game:

1) Research your target market:

Without getting proper outreach to your targeted customers, you cannot increase your company’s sales. Therefore, the foremost thing you can do is focus on reaching the customers that are best suited for your company’s product. After completing comprehensive research on the keywords that the customers are currently interested in, you can plan and understand the needs of the customer in a better way.

2) Keyword research:

As mentioned above, a keyword is what drives your customer towards you. So in order to bond with potential customers, you need to do research on the most popular keywords. Using the most popular keywords will help you to optimize your site in search engines and develop content that customers will find engaging, improving your site’s reputation on the search engine page.

3) Create readable and SEO driven content:

Starting with keyword planning and keyword research you ought to create readable and SEO-driven content. Using keywords in the content does not mean using the same word times and again. But it means planning them and creating an engaging content topic of high quality. Since generating low-quality content decreases your SEO ranking and visibility on the search engine page you need to keep following content creation strategy in your mind:

      • Generate quality content using relevant keywords
      • Give relevant ideas, so that the audience can relate
      • Generate easy to read the content of high-quality
      • Create plagiarism free engaging content
      • The use of image and video content can be more effective

4) Update your content over time: 

A good SEO can have an effect that lasts for a relatively long time but that does not mean, you set an SEO and forget about it completely. It means you need to timely review and update the content of your site to bring organic traffic to the website. Following things can be done to make your SEO content marketing effective for a longer time:

      • Optimize your content for new keyword opportunities
      • Update the facts that might be outdated
      • Introduce voice search optimization
      • Review the metadata to ensure it is optimized for search engine

I hope the above content sparked a light on your mind on Content Marketing Strategies and Tips for the year 2020. SeoAN is a pioneer digital marketing agency in Nepal providing content writing services to customers. Remember us for any digital marketing services in the near future.