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Content is important for a Successful SEO Campaign

Digital Marketing is growing at a very rapid speed. We can even say that the Digital industry will soon reign over the world. Updating yourself is a must if you want to set foot in this industry.

If we simply look at the history, search engines are actively updating themselves to provide the best results for the users. There are many factors that seem very important in 2015 but less important in 2019.

You must be thinking why?

It’s simple, these factors don’t actually define the true intent of search keywords. Google is trying to take the final steps that truly define the true intent of the desired search results.

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However, Content has become one of the most important factors in recent years. Some even quote that Content is the king.

Content and SEO form a bond that can easily put any business on top of the SERPs in the best-case scenario and can also cause penalties in the worst-case scenario. The true purpose of content is to provide a detailed understanding of any business and also help Search engines to find the best results for any particular search terms.


True Meaning of Content

In the digital marketing industry, content is any form of text, audio or video that truly defines the website or the business it is representing. Great content truly provides the information that can entertain, teaches or enlighten the engaged users.

Great content can easily attract visitors and increasing conversions but only with high-quality, useful and informative content.

Let’s take two examples, Moz and Neil Patel.


Most of you know Moz as the creator of Page Authority and Domain Authority. But it has also become a brand for those who want to learn about Inbound Marketing and SEO and also those who want to upgrade their skills in this industry. What makes them so successful?

The answer is their Content.

Their blog and articles are quite easy to understand and updated regularly. Their video series “Whiteboard Friday” is quite unique and that’s what makes it special. The content under “Whiteboard Friday” is quite practical and has literally helped me in various precarious situations.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the Entrepreneur and Online Marketing expert and is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and Kissmetrics.

As an Online Marketing expert, Neil Patel has been in this industry for around 17 years and has been publishing articles on Online Marketing with great passion. The reason that he has become sensational in this industry is due to the fact that the content by Neil Patel is based on the experience he has accumulated.

He published his content in various forms like blogs, case studies, and videos. He spends so much time making high-quality and easy to comprehend content to help users understand the true core of the topic. He provides examples from the various industry just to make sure that his visitors are getting where he wanted them to lead.

So why content holds so much value?

The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came with a mission

“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

The true mission of Google has always remained the same but the process to filter this information has changed few times since its establishment.

“Useful and accessible information” generally refers to the pieces of content that are all over the internet.

Google has specifically provided a guideline to high-quality and useful content.

You can easily maximize the potential of your content if you follow these guidelines. But that is only one side of a coin. The other side of a coin is the technical part, audience part and more.

The time has gone by when we focus our content based on the keywords. No more of such a strategy because such a strategy will get you penalized sooner or later. What we need to focus on in 2019 is the audience.

You need to think about these things before they are called great content.

  • Is the content Audience-centric?
  • Is the content what Audience wants to see?
  • Have you identified the Audience you want to target?
  • Is your content new?

Yes, there are tons of content out there on the web. The fact that you are creating these contents may have already been created by someone else. So how can you topple already created content?

The answer is simple: Research

Look on the bright side. The fact that you have access to these contents is already advantageous to you. Do research on the existing content and tried to find the fault, and loophole that lies within the content. Try to fill the loophole, correct the faults and create new content using images, videos, and infographics.