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Importance of Digital Marketing for Travel and Trekking Company

In the advent of today’s digital age, digital marketing has become an indispensable part of the Travel and Tourism sector. Redefining the rule of marketing in World, digital marketing has changed the way of engaging costumers with their brands. The use of digital marketing techniques in Travel and Tourism has allowed many people to plan their perfect getaway with the user-friendly interface provided by the website.

Why Digital Marketing for Travel and Trekking?

Who does not dream about getting on a trek to Everest base camp or visit the major UNESCO enlisted cultural heritage sites? Evolving from the dreaming moments to experiencing moments, we plan and book from the website that appears first on our search engine page. And with all the collected information from the website, we plan the trip accordingly. But do you ever mind to visit page 2 of Google search engine and plan your holidays? Not really, I guess. That means appearing on a Google top rank is the only organic way to increase the traffic into any website. But do you know how?

Utilizing the same old strategy of posting content and hoping that customers would visit your site is the worst you can think of. It’s not that easy to get ranked on Google but not something impossible. By using the keywords that the customers have been looking for, one can easily increase the traffic by building the customer’s trust and credibility.

What can a Travel company do for Digital Marketing from their side?

  • Boost their content on Facebook
  • Use video content to showcase the ambiance and serene beauty of the Himalayas or any other related sites
  • Promote packages on special occasions with exclusive offers
  • Getting listed on the local business can help you to be available in local searches as well

Digital Marketing plan for Travel and Trekking Company in Nepal

Creative web design and concept: Subtle beauty, as they say, a travel agency’s website should be creative, informative and attractive, so that the website can grab a potential customer’s attention.

Search Engine Optimization: By the use of on-page and off-page SEO, Travel agencies can rank their website on Google. Getting a Google rank means being visible to potential customers and increasing the outreach of the organization. SEO is the means of increasing organic traffic into the website.

Search Engine Marketing: SEM generally is a paid search marketing where the businesses pay Goggle to show their ads on search engine result.

Social Media Marketing: The use of Social media marketing is dominating many of the marketing strategies in terms of the users engaged in them. Being engaged in social sites can help the travel agency to boost their post that can reach to the millions of users/customers.

Video marketing: People now believe what they see, posting video content can help the travel agency to engage the customers. Videos can say a lot more than words can define the place.